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Financial Independence by 2040?

When I started this blog, I wrote about my goal of Financial Independence by 2040,

Let´s take a look. Will I make it? If we say that my principal (portfolio) is around $35000  at the moment, and that my age is around 24, how will things look in 2040? Continue reading

Father Forgets

One of my favourite books is Dale Carnegie’s book, How To Win Friends And Influence People. I´ve read it more than 10 times, and I think people who wants to get better at handling other human beings need to read it. Continue reading

How to spot hyped stocks

In 2015, November 28th I wrote some posts about the hyped stocks Fingerprint and Sensys Gatso Group. I wanted to warn new beginners that the current stock price was insane, and if they wanted to buy or keep this stock, they should be aware of the risk. Continue reading

DGI – is it really for me?

DGI – is it really for me?

This week I have read a lot about index investing as well as other Financial Independence bloggers. It has made me start thinking that DGI might not be my strategy after all.

Continue reading

What are REITs?

My strategy

For most investors REITs are unknown, but it´s such a simple investment case that every dividend investor should feel comfortable joining the table when REITs are the discussion topic. In this blogpost I want to tell you about REITs, what it is and how it works. Remember to subscribe to my page if you like the post, and please comment if you found it readworthy. I really appreciate if you do. If you are not familiar with my blog or who I am, I´m Stockles, and I´m primarily a dividend growth investor. But, I believe I have a modern and sustainable strategy. It basically consist of three main ideas:

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