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What Readers say

"Hi Stockles!
It's amazing and inspiring to see you in the market. It makes it easy for me to keep calm when the market goes crazy"

"Utrolig kjekt og inspirerende å se deg i markedet, gjør slik jeg holder hodet kaldt når det blåser som verst🙂"


"Hi Stockles,
can’t remember reading such a good interview since a long time. You are sharing many interesting aspects that go beyond pure investing. I can relate many of them to my personal situation. Especially I like your view on money, things and happiness in general. I can’t think of any object/thing that brought me long-lasting pleasure. Not that I don’t value good things, but the pleasure of having it vanishes with time. The idea, to view money as an instrument that allows you to focus on whatever is your passion, nails it on the spot. That is why we apply DG investing. Not for the pure purpose of building wealth, but for the freedom it can provide us.
All the best for your journey.

"Hey Stockles!
I’m really enjoying your blog, and in the past few months, I have been changing my strategy to focus on primarily on dividend income. This month saw a lot of falls in the market (and my portfolio), but that didn’t matter for my dividends. They still ticked in according to schedule, and I’m pleased (following your example) that this month I reached the first dividend goal on the ladder.

And at least I always know that I’m not alone in this endeavor, but that I do share some fate with a random Norweigan on the internet. And that is apparently good enough for my mental health. But I really do appreciate the work you put into this blog, and we do share a lot of perspecitves. So keep up the good work"

- Jake


Watchlist September 2018

It’s time for the monthly watchlist report. As always, you can find the updated info at any time here Dividend Income Spreadsheet and the Portfolio Spreadsheet. Here’s my current portfolio. All data on nordic companies are gathered from Read more…

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