Investment Tools

The Best Companies In The World

Live Spreadsheet showing the stock price of the best fimrs on the world

Passive Income Machine

A comprehensive spreadsheet showing my dividend income for every year and every month. Goal for 2019 is $4000 in dividend income

How to Start a Blog to Use as an Investment Diary 

Learn how I went from $300 to $4000 in dividend income. A step by step guide so that you can start your own money blog, grow as an investor and earn passive income.

The Best Dividend Growth Companies (coming soon)

What Readers say

"Hi Stockles!
It's amazing and inspiring to see you in the market. It makes it easy for me to keep calm when the market goes crazy"

"Hi Stockles,
can’t remember reading such a good interview since a long time. You are sharing many interesting aspects that go beyond pure investing..

"Hey Stockles!
I’m really enjoying your blog, and in the past few months, I have been changing my strategy to focus on primarily on dividends. I really do appreciate the work you put into this blog, and we do share a lot of perspecitves. So keep up the good work"
- Jake


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