Why Dividend Growth Investment Is My Strategy

I should say that I was in a special mood when writing the blog post about DGI and if it was right for me.

When choosing a strategy that one will focus on for the next 10 to 50 years, I think it’s only natural to be critical. Let’s see what I figured out. (more…)

What Are REITs?

My Strategy

For most investors REITs are unknown, but it’s such a simple investment case that every dividend investor should feel comfortable joining the table when REITs are the discussion topic. In this blog post, I want to tell you about REITs, what it is and how it works. Remember to subscribe to my page if you like the post, and please comment if you found it readworthy. I really appreciate if you do. If you are not familiar with my blog or who I am, I’m Stockles, and I’m primarily a dividend growth investor. But, I believe I have a modern and sustainable strategy. It basically consists of three main ideas:


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