Dividend Income Update April 2017


  • Dividends received: 7
  • Dividend Income in April 2017 landed on:  1695, 38 NOK or $198
  • Almost twice the total dividend income from Q1  $100
  • Last years dividend Income in April was  ZERO!
  • Reinvested the dividend in Hennes & Mauritz AB (HM B) and Veidekke (VEI) (more…)

Recent Stock Purchases April 2017

We are already in the middle of April and I can see that the spring is slowly coming. Even though the temperature is around 6 celsius, the sun is shining. Summer is not that far away anymore.

It´s not that easy finding stocks that trades at an undervalued or fair price these days. At least not if one only look at S&P500. Luckily, I´m norwegian so my periscopes are not just set on US. It´s set on the globe, and we do have some great companies here in the nordic countries too. (more…)