Dividend Income Update April 2017


  • Dividends received: 7
  • Dividend Income in April 2017 landed on:  1695, 38 NOK or $198
  • Almost twice the total dividend income from Q1  $100
  • Last years dividend Income in April was  ZERO!
  • Reinvested the dividend in Hennes & Mauritz AB (HM B) and Veidekke (VEI)

Another month has passed, and I have received the following dividend in April:

I think it looks pretty good. The biggest dividend came from Gjensidige Forsikring at around 830 NOK or $97, but you can see that the financials really helped on the dividend income for April. Most of my financials are up around 15  % – 40 %, so the yield on cost is pretty high for my money-making-buddies.  Another thing is that most nordic companies pay their dividend in April or May. Looking back at 2016 I didn´t get anything last year before May. Therefore, I think it´s awesome to see that the dividends are entering my account more frequently. In total it´s 23 dividends so far. Hallelujah!

If we compare 2016 and 2017 we can see that things are changing, and I´m expecting around 2656 NOK or $310  in dividend Income for May, so the graph is going one way, and that´s UP UP UP!

Total dividend income so far in 2017:

My goal for 2017 is  8500 NOK or $1000 in dividend Income.

  • Right now, I have received about 2516,27 NOK or $294.
  • We are missing out on around 6000 NOK or $700

Will I make it? Yes, I think so. The data I have now says that I´m close to 8500 NOK or $1000. I have to make sure that I reinvest the dividend in a smart manner, and keep the focus on the longterm plan. Financial Independence is getting closer each day!

Did April treat you well? Do you have any further comments? Did you do any purchases? Please join the discussion bellow. 


    1. Hi Patrick,

      I´m really looking forward to May. It´s actually around $100 more than last year.

      One thing worth mentioning is that my nordic stocks are at the moment contributing a lot to my yearly dividend. That´s because my internatioanial stocks (US) has lower yield, but much higher dividend growth. So even if it looks rather dull right now, like Starbuck´s dividend, it will just get bigger and bigger by time. Thanks for commenting and stopping by.
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    1. Hi Dividend Daze,

      Glad you liked it. I try to make investing a bit less informal, so you will see more pictures like this. Hope so =)
      Thanks for commenting buddy!

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