Dividend Income is UP 69.53% From Last Year

My Dividend Income has already gone up 69.59% since last year, and I suspect it will go up about 300% to 350% in total. From just $330 in 2016, I’m quite sure I’ll make $1,000 this year. (more…)

How I’m Building a Portfolio from Scratch

This blog post is about how I’m building a dividend growth portfolio from scratch. Last year I found out that my grandmother, who is now more than 90 years, has been quite the investor.  She bought a Norwegian active fund (DNB Norge) following the Norwegian market decades ago,  and never sold off a bit. The total return in the investment was more than 400% during two to three decades. First I thought, Holy shit! That’s awesome! (more…)

Recent Purchases: Beer, Food, Clothes and Real Estate


Yesterday was one of the sunniest days here in Bergen, Norway. I had an offer to go on a date with a beautiful girl this Saturday, but as any sane and reasonable 24-year-old in his best years, I followed my inner instinct. I politely declined and chose to watch two old men almost close to 100 talking about finance, stocks, EBITDA and the future…..(cough). Yeeeeaah, let’s talk about my actions instead.

How To Formulate Investment Goals Using 4 Simple Rules

Lately, I’ve seen that many dividend investors tend to use portfolio value as one of their main goals or measures for success. Most investors haven’t experienced a recession or a major bear market, and I claim they should rethink their goals.

UPDATE: Not sure if YOC is usable after all. Instead, Dividend Income might be the key. However, you can read the article for fun anyways. Remember to check the comments for further info. (more…)

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