Recent Purchases – Beer, Food, Clothes and Real Estate

Yesterday was one of the sunniest days here in Bergen, Norway. I had an offer to go on a date with a beautiful girl this saturday, but as any sane and reasonable 24-year-old in his best years, I followed my inner instinct. I politely declined, and chose to watch two old men almost close to 100 talking about finance, stocks, EBITDA and the future…..(cough). Yeeeeeeeh, let´s talk about my actions instead.


It didn´t take long before I pushed the “buy” button again at my broker, but when I see great opportunities, I take them. And I must say, there have been quite a few companies trading at a fair valuation lately.


  • Bought 2 new companies. Total amount invested: 28421 NOK or $3304
  • Added to 4 companies: H&M, ASC, KOBR MET, VER. Total amount invested 10000 NOK or $1165
  • Increased annual income by $200

Purchase 1: Clothes, Cider and Investment banks

I started the shopping spree easy by adding some stocks to my nordic / viking portfolio:

  • Purchased 2 stocks of Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) at 217 SEK. Dividend Income $1.65

  • Purchased 2 stocks of Kopparbergs (KOBR MTF) at 210 SEK. Dividend Income $1.71


  • Purchased 110 stocks at 5.42 of ABG Sundal Collier (too boring to get a picture). Dividend Income $6.50.

In total this gives me 85 NOK or $10, but wait. There is more to come!

Purchase 2: Everyone needs FOOD

Few people, especially in Norway, have heard about General Mills (GIS), but I bet you have bought some of their products. The company is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer foods sold through retail stores. The company is also are a leading supplier of branded and unbranded food products to the North American food service and commercial baking industries. I purchased 16 shares at $56 which increases my dividend income by $30.72. Let´s look at some of GIS products.


They offer a variety of food products that provide great taste, nutrition, convenience and value for consumers around the world, with a focus on five large global categories: ready-to-eat cereal; convenient meals (e.g. meal kits, pizza, soup, side dish mixes, frozen foods); snacks (e.g. grain, fruit and savory snacks, nutrition bars, and frozen hot snacks); yogurt; and super-premium ice cream. Other significant product categories include: baking mixes and ingredients; refrigerated and frozen dough; and frozen and shelf-stable vegetables.

What´s so great about this company?

  • Provides significant defence if we reach a bear market. General Mills grew sales by 9 % during the financial crisis (2008), and returned 9 % that year, outperforming the S&P500 by 48%. People will need food no matter what happens, and investors tend to move towards more secure consumer brands when things look scary. However, GIS is moving downwards, so I just started a medium position.
  • Nice valuation:
    P/E Ratio: 21.2 Sector P/E: 25.4 FCF Yield: 4.6%
    EV / EBIT: 16.3 Div. Yield: 3.35% P/B Ratio: 7.3

finished? Nope!

Purchase 3: REIT SALE

On Wednesday Mr. Market gave us REIT investors a little gift by reducing the price of many high quality REITs due to the issues (Triple-Net lease) with Spirit Realty (SRC) The good thing is that while many not-so-high-quality REITs fell, so did The Big Great ones too.

I managed to purchase 42 shares of Realty Income Corporation (O) at $55.55 (which is close to REIT expert Brad Thomas Fair Value.

The cost was 20421 NOK or $2378 and this increases my dividend by $106.34. Realty Income Corporation is a real estate company that leases primarily single-tenant properties to over 230 different commercial tenants doing business in more than 40 different industries.

I also purchased 90 stocks of VEREIT (VER),  a commercial REIT, at $7.76 for 6060 NOK or $700 which increases my dividend by 442 NOK or $51.4.



In total I have increased my dividend income by $200. I´m easily going to make my goal for 2017 now. What´s next? Just sit, relax and COLLECT dividends OF COURCE! What are you doing right now? Join the discussion and tell us your top picks right now!

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  1. I like the GIS pick up. I added some last month to my taxable and ROTH account. I think the best time to buy this stock is when everyone is crapping all over it. GIS has proven it can adapt to changing consumer tastes like MCD has and HRL too for that matter. Thanks for sharing.
    DivHut recently posted…Dividend Income Update April 2017My Profile

    1. Interesting. It´s trending down, so might not be in a hurry.

      Just that I chose to watch Buffet and Munger instead of going on a date, hehe.

    1. Hi Dividend Portfolio,

      Yes me too. O has always been at a high price, thanks to this REIT volatility, I got some at a fair price. Super happy with that. Hopefully, it will decline some more in a couple of months, so I can get more, but I´m fine with the number of stocks right now. Around 5 % of portfolio.

    1. Hi Dividend Daze

      Yeah, looks like some stocks, especially REITs, are becoming cheaper. That´s very nice for us dividend Investors. The USD/NOK is also down now, so I might buy a few more shares. Btw, I noticed we are almost at the same age. Awesome. Will follow your journey too. Thanks for stopping by!

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