Dividend Income is up 69.53 % since last year

My Dividend Income has already gone up 69.59% since last year, and I suspect it will go up about 300 % – 350 % in total. From just about $330 in 2016, I´m quite sure I´ll make $1000 this year.

So far, the dividend  Income is $564.93 in 2017.  I´m missing out on about $435. As you can see in my Dividend Income, I have received dividend income in every month. Last year, the first payment came in may. That´s because most nordic companies pay in may/june. After I started using Dividend Carpet Bombing, the dividend has been entering almost constantly. That´s awesome, and way more fun that waiting a year each time.


My accumulated income is also going to the roof


How did my income grow so much?

  • By adding more money
  • Focusing more on dividends
  • Less on value stocks


Dividend Growth

Made by tools from https://www.simplysafedividends.com/

As time goes by, my income will grow much more. It´s important to focus just as much on the growth-part of our strategy, as well as the dividend Income part. Right now, my 10 year CAGR is around 9.5%, which means my income will be way more than $2500 by that time, and in 20 years, I´ll make $6000!


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    1. Hi ATL

      Thank you! I like to focus on easy and understandable graphics, because it´s so important to see the whole picture in our strategy. Thanks for always stopping by. I really appricate your comments.

    1. Yes it is! Seeng the result is amazing, and it keeps me less focused on the overall market (ATH s&P500 and all of that) and more on our stategy.

      At the same time it´s important to focus in the growth part too, atleast for me, because I have many stocks with low yield (2-3%) but with great growth (10-20%). Those positions doesn´t really help me much at the moment with reaching $1000, but damn they will help me in the future.

      Looking forward to follow your journey to Dividend Daze!

    1. Thanks buddy! As you can see in “dividend income” the year to year growth on the income is actually almost 90% now. It´s insane. Thanks for commenting !

    1. Hi DivHut

      The power of dividend growth investing is truly amazing. No wonder it´s called the eight wonder of the world. Thanks for stopping by, and I will for sure keep up the work!

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