How To Travel The World On A Budget

Dear readers, some of you are old loyal readers that enjoy seeing new posts once a week about stocks or dividend income, and some of you are totally new to Stockles. That means that you might not know the true purpose of my blog.

Stockles, What’s the true purpose?

The goal behind this blog is to educate, inform and inspire people to live their lives in a more comfortable and exciting way. So, this time, we will step away from the normal stock blog post, and I will tell you how you can travel the world on a budget. Seems interesting? Then continue reading. (more…)

Books: What To Read This Summer?


Summer is here, and the sun means books and reading. So here I present a beta version of my reading list. It’s not finished, but I suppose it’s better to publish the list now while the sun is still up. If I postpone too long, it might not be published before the dark period (no sun in 6 months) has reached us here in the north, and then nobody reads anything anyways. (more…)

May 2017 Dividend Income Update


  • Dividends received: 12
  • Dividend Income for May 2017 landed on $322.76 or 2,735 NOK
  • Last year I got $215 in May, so the income stream from May is now 50% higher.
  • The dividend income was enough to pay for my whole gym membership twice, enough to cover my yearly phone bill two times or enough to cover 80% of the food budget for the month.
  • Or even better, the dividend income for May was enough to pay for 35 super expensive, cold and fresh beers. If I wanted to, I could actually party for free every Friday throughout the whole month of May!


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