How to think like a Consultant

Today we are going to take a look at how a Consultant thinks about problem solving. After this exercise, my goal is that you understand that having a global perspective of the world is crucial when trying to become a good investor. Also, I hope that you follow this progress when evaluating companies:

  1. Evaluate the general market.
  2. Evaluate the isolated stock in the market.

We are going to go through a real case that I had when I participated in a workshop with a very famous american consulting firm. (more…)

Stock Analysis of H&M [Sold]


H&M is one of the most known retailers in the world. The combination of quality and cheap has been a success for a long time for the Swedish worldwide retailer. However, like most retailers, H&M is struggling. In US that´s mostly due to increased competition from Amazon, but is that also the case for H&M? I doubt it. Let me just quickly explain why. (more…)