Dividend Income Summer Update 2017

Before we dig into the Dividend Income Summer Update, I want to talk a bit about how my summer has been. The summer of 2017 has been wonderful. On Saturday I turned 25 years old. I celebrating my day by doing a 15 hour hike with my family in the norwegian fjords. My dog at 11 was struggling a bit because of the previous hikes this week, but as always, he managed. 

Most of the summer has been spent in cabin in the forest, doing restoration work like painting, carpeting and clearing the forest. Being all alone for several hours with just self and the wind, the singing voices of birds flying by and the waves of the water is something special. Being able to escape from the internet, wi-fi and mobile network is important for me. It clears my mind and enlightens the important parts of life.

Dividend Income vs total expenses

Let´s move over to the passive income. The following graph shows my expenses (Utgifter) and my income (utdelningar). As you can see, my dividend income (right now) makes up for 7.85% of my total expenses. I 100 % confident that I will be able to live of my dividend income before 2040.

2016 vs 2017

2017 has been a good year for me, having a YTY dividend income growth with over 129%. This is due to savings and more focus on dividend stocks instead of growth stocks.


Dividends received

In June and July, the following stocks paid me a bill while I was having fun:

  • Vereit, $45
  • Compass Minerals Inc, $7,85
  • Global X SuperDividend ETF, $2
  • PepsiCo, $0.80
  • Realty Income Corp, $19
  • Target Corp, $15
  • Cisco,  $5.95
  • Cardinal Health corp, $6.17

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Total received Dividend Income 2017

Income Goal of 2017

The goal for 2017 is to receive 8500 NOK or $1070 in dividend income. I´m missing out on about $250 to achieve this goal, but I´m higly confident that the goal will be achieved. The only thing that I´m not so happy about is that the dollar went down about 10%. This means that my passive income from my american companies has become less than before. However, the companies that has huge costs overseas in dollar will benefit, so I guess it´s okey after all. As long as I do dollar cost averaging and stay the cource, it should not become a problem.

How was your dividend income this summer? How much of your income covers your expenses? Have any further questions? Please let me know the in the comment section bellow.

See you,


If you find this blog post or my blog informative, maybe you could take a look at the ads and see if you find something interesting? By clicking on one of my ads you help support my work. Thanks.

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    1. Hi Investment Hunting,

      Thank you for the compliment and the birthday wishes=) Glad that you liked the update. I try to focus on creating graphs and illustrations so that the long term picture becomes clearer.

  1. Great report and I like how you lay everything how. My summer has been kind of slow, but I’m hoping for an awesome August. Crossing my fingers that you’ll be able to meet your yearly goal in having over $1000 in dividend income.
    Dividend Portfolio recently posted…WhoopsMy Profile

    1. Hi Dividend Portfolio,

      Glad you liked the report and my illustrations. Meeting $1000 should not be a problem, but we will see. If the dollar goes down to the set price that analysts think (6.50 NOK, now 7.80 NOK) the income will be a lot lower. Fingers crossed for you to buddy!

  2. First, happy birthday! It’s great that you’re getting started so early and I’m loving how that graph is looking – certainly a lot more action in 17 than 16 and that’s sure to improve every year!

    1. Hi Dividend Daze,

      I´m expecting $100 in august, $30 in September, $15 in october, $140 in November and $35 in Desember, so in total I should get $320. Which means that in total for 2017, I´ll get $1150 something. Pretty awesome.

      Thanks for commenting =)

  3. Hi again. Just wondering, what is your portifoliosize, or what kind of percentage average dividend are you getting from your portifolio. Also: What kind of house are you living in? Do you own, or do you rent? Is it paid dow if you own, or WILL you pay down fast if you own and have borrowed or will you buy stocks instead?

    1. Hi Torbjørn,

      Well, due to privacy, as of now, I won´t share my total worth. I´m getting 5.15 % YOC now, with a yield at 4.12%. Cool question. I don´t like the idea of having a home. It doesn´t fit me. I like to move around, so I just rent instead with a friend. More social, fun and free. If i had bought a home, I would have cut my debt as close to zero just because I hate debt. Might be smarter to balance deby vs investment, but I don´t roll that way.

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