What to do before Black Friday: Nordnet offers free brokerage

Hello dear readers, As you know, I want to you to see the value of subscribing to my site. Therefore, I´m giving you a heads-up that the broker which most of us norwegians and swedes use, Nordnet, offers free brokerage on friday and on monday. Remember to transfer money ASAP if you want to have some extra power tomorrow. 

Let´s pretend that I fixed this (haha)



    1. [Norwegian]
      Hei Honning,

      Jeg definerer en handel som et kjøp og et salg, så finner det som svært sannsynlig at man kan både kjøpe og selge. Ang aksjer så tenker jeg Omnicom, Dominion Energy, AT&T, GIS og kanskje HCN. Finner det ut imorgen, men det er noen flotte kandidater der ute. Hva med deg?

      1. Det kom litt brått på, så jeg har ikke bestemt meg for noe. Bra tilbudet varer ut mandag, så jeg får brukt helga til å tenke. Kanskje jeg skulle solgt Cardinal Health, virker som de sliter litt. Men er alltid kjedelig å selge med tap… Omnicom og Kimberland Clark virker interessant.

  1. Howdy, Stockles
    You most certainly took advantage of the great Black Friday offer from Nordnet – very interesting to follow on Shareville. I am always inspired buy your moves because I find your investment approach pretty cool.
    Your buys sparkled a few questions from my side:
    Dominion Energy – why now?

    I mean the sector seems quite high valuated and Dominion looks to be a bit above the average. Why not wait for better entry price?

    You must be getting busy at the keyboard to describe all your buys ;o) – looking forward to your thoughts and postings.

    Keep up the writing – and investment
    The Nose

    1. Hello DividendNose,

      Glad to see that you follow my novice journey.
      D is basically fairly priced now, and if you see my comment on todays post, it´s in line with it´s 5 year dividend. Nothing special, but it´s a great company so why not just buy it when it´s farily priced? Will add more in the future anyways.

      You should also remember than people will probably go towards more secure investments when we reach a crash / correction, and state regulated companies where both the income and costs are mostly set is easy to dive into.

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