Dividend Income Update December 2017 and Dividend Forecast for 2018

2017 is soon in the books, and what a year it´s been. Financially, I´ve added more than $10000 to the portfolio and $3000 to the funds portfolio. The dividend income has risen from $336 to $1117 which means a 232.44 % YTY growth, but my forecast for 2018 is even more motivating. Before we go ahead and look at the dividend forecast for 2018, let´s take a look at this months Dividend Income Update. (more…)

How to get 300 cashpoints from Norwegian Reward by paying 1 NOK

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Hello dear readers, as you know, I want Stockles to be a blog about money, investing and personal finance. Next week, I will perform a stress test on the portfolio which I think will benefit many of my readers. While waiting, would you care for some free money? 300 Cashpoints for 1 NOK? Damn good offer! But remember to cancel in time! (more…)

Dividend Income Update November 2017

Welcome, The Dividend Income Report for November is finished, so lét´s go ahead and take a look:

  • Total Dividend Income for November: §110.00 or 915.30 NOK
  • Last year: 16$
  • Dividend Income VS Total Spending: 11.44%
  • Payment from 9 companies
  • Total Dividend Income is close to $1100
  • Total dividend income from 2016: 226.13%