Dividend Income Update November 2017

Welcome, The Dividend Income Report for November is finished, so lét´s go ahead and take a look:

  • Total Dividend Income for November: §110.00 or 915.30 NOK
  • Last year: 16$
  • Dividend Income VS Total Spending: 11.44%
  • Payment from 9 companies
  • Total Dividend Income is close to $1100
  • Total dividend income from 2016: 226.13%

The following companies paid me in November:


Dividend Income 2016 vs Dididend Income 2017


Accumulated Dividend Income

That´s it and guess what: In November 2018 I´m expecting $180 in dividend income! The machine is getting speed!

Take care,



  1. Great month! Lots of companies paying you dividends. And huge YoY% growth as well. Your accumulated dividend graph is very steep which is good for you. Keep that growth going into December!

    1. Hi Tom,

      Oooooh yes you are so right. Furure income is now around $2000, which means almost twice my goal for 2017. Hmmm. I think the goal for 2018 shall be $2500 =)

      Thanks for stopping by my blog

    1. Hi Simon,

      A fellow norwegian? 🙂 Well, I use Investment Account Zero at my broker, which means that the tax is withdrawn once the payment is done. But then I recieve the taxable amount back in the beginning of the next year. When I withdraw my money from the account (say I want to buy a house), I need to pay taxes, but if i keep them, they stay untaxed and compound. Hope that helps,


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