How to get 300 cashpoints from Norwegian Reward by paying 1 NOK

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Hello dear readers, as you know, I want Stockles to be a blog about money, investing and personal finance. Next week, I will perform a stress test on the portfolio which I think will benefit many of my readers. While waiting, would you care for some free money? 300 Cashpoints for 1 NOK? Damn good offer! But remember to cancel in time!

Bank Norwegian

Normally, I agree with people who say that free lunches doesn´t exist, but today I want to present you with an offer that actually is free money. Today, on the christmas calendar from norwegian, you can get 300 cashpoints by signing up for 1 month of Aftenposten (our newspaper) for as little as 1 NOK. Here is the picture of the offer (unfortunately only for norwegian readers since it´s in norwegian):

If you don´t have the credit card from Bank Norwegian, I highly suggest you get it. I do all of my purchaes via this card, and can fly home form christmas for free. Not only do you get 1% cashback on everything you buy, they also have offers where you get 5-10% on sites like Zalando, Gymgrossisten and many more. Click on the following link to get the card and start saving money.

Bank Norwegian

Info about the card in norwegian:

That´s all folks. I´m at least taking advantage of this offer. Stay tuned and wait for next week. I can´t wait to show you the portfolio stress test!



  1. I love a free lunch whenever I can get my hands on one. Managed to pay my tuition, rent, flight and daily commodities with the card from Norwegian during my semester abroad, getting my 1% cashpoints on all of it. No fees and free cash withdrawls outside of Norway makes it perfect for those trips to foreign countries.

    1 cashpoint = 1 NOK when buying tickets with Norwegian. No complicated, inflated travelpoints like with SAS and other airline loyalty programs.

    -Lars (Does NOT work for Bank Norwegian, just love their simple credit card)

    1. Hi Lars,

      Glad to see that i´m not the only one seeing the passive income potential when choosing credit cards. Sounds like you managed your money quite well while being abroad. Also, thanks for the information. Hope to see you again here on Stockles.

    1. Hi DividendGeek,

      Totally agree and smart way to manage your money. Would be fun to see how much you save in 1 year, 5 years or even 20 years by doing the 5% cash back on gas price purchase. It´s a ton of money! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Mr. Stockles, Totally agree. Here in the US, I use a cash back card that is similar. 1% back all the time. 5% back on different types of purchases that rotate throughout the year. We put all our purchases on it, but pay off the balance every month. It is truly a great deal just like the card you mention.

    On a different note, I bet Norway is a beautiful place. Do you like living there? Tom
    Tom @ Dividends Diversify recently posted…Shout Out To YaMy Profile

    1. Hi Tom,

      Glad to see you here again. I´m not supriced that you have thought this through and managing your money in a smart way. Care to write a post about how much you save? Would be fun to see!

      Oh man, I love it. I love being active and hiking is my favourite thing to do. When I go back home, up north, (I live in Bergen now), I usually hike each day.

      I think the most positive thing about Norway is our system which we have blind faith in (with good reason): Since we have free education, it´s all about effort and it doesn´t matter which family you are from. Everyone can become a dentist, lawyer or engineer. I know that it´s popular to say that one can achieve their dreames in the States, but I think free eduction + free healthcare is the core fundament that every society should strive for.

      1. Stockles, Sounds nice. My wife and I like to hike. That’s what we do when we go on vacation. I bet hiking in Norway is beautiful. I thought the Norway system would cause high government debt, but I looked it up and it’s way less that the US as a percent of GDP. Interesting stuff….take care, Tom
        Tom @ Dividends Diversify recently posted…Shout Out To YaMy Profile

  3. You should take a look at the credit card from Ya Bank also.
    Pretty good cash backs, like 3% on all groceries or 100 NOK on Netflix, HBO or Viaplay.

    Free lunch all year long. (I have no affiliation to them by the way)

  4. Om dere betaler regningene deres via payr appen med bank Norwegian kortet får dere også 1% cashpoints 😉 Jeg betalte tilogmed kredittkort regningen fra bank Norwegian via payr og fikk 1% på det. Må neste flire av det hele. Gratis lunsj finnes for å si det sånn (enn så lenge)

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