Dividend Income Update December 2017 and Dividend Forecast for 2018

2017 is soon in the books, and what a year it´s been. Financially, I´ve added more than $10000 to the portfolio and $3000 to the funds portfolio. The dividend income has risen from $336 to $1117 which means a 232.44 % YTY growth, but my forecast for 2018 is even more motivating. Before we go ahead and look at the dividend forecast for 2018, let´s take a look at this months Dividend Income Update.

  • Total Dividend Income for December: §30.53 or 253.30 NOK
  • Last year: $5.09
  • Dividend Income December VS Total Spending: 3.15%
  • Payment from 3 companies
  • Total Dividend Income closed at $1117 which is $117 above my bold $1000 goal
  • Total dividend income growth YTY from 2017: 233.44%

Companies paying me

  • Realty Income Group paid $9.25
  • Dominion Energy paid $11.68
  • Starbuxs paid $9.35
  • Superdividend Income ETF paid $2

2016 VS 2017

It´s very motivating to compare a dividend income year against another, because I can see the effect of my invest-style. As my blogger friend TallInvest said, the only thing we can control is how much capital we add. The market moves the way it wants, but you can change your income by adding more money when prices are fair. I´m very glad to see that all bars are growing, but also that all months are covered.

A very important factor for me to stay the long-term dividend road is that I can see results. Before I started this blog, I only received about two big payments each year. I must admit, that was hard. Too hard. While I´m a patient guy, waiting 365 days before something happens is just to difficult. I couldn´t do it, so therefore I changed my strategy and used Dividend Carpet Bombing. It didn´t take long before I understood that I´ve done a smart move, at least a move that worked for me. Now, I´m way more relaxed, but also more focused. 2017 have really been an eye-opener for me. 

Forecast for 2018

My forecast for 2018 is as of now $1913 or 15812 NOK, which means an 74.59% increase YTY from 2017 to 2018. However, combine that with increased dividend growth and my capital of $3500 which I´m expecting to use today or tomorrow, and we shall see $2000 in dividend income for 2018. Man, that feels good. 

2017 VS 2018

That´s it. Hope you all had a wonderful christmas day and let´s meet 2018 motivated and focused. Bull or Bear market, focus on what we can control, and wealth shall follow. By the way, I´ve fixed the portfolio so that it´s easier to see my positions and core stocks. Take a look: Portfolio Thanks for reading,



    1. Hi Dividendgeek,

      Thanks buddy! Yeah, 2018 should be amazing. Keep in mind that my dividend income on this report compares the total expenditure that months, so it´s 3.5% based on december expenditure. But yeah, you are right. We have a long way to go, but heck, the road is fun, motivating and it´s fun to have progress no matter what. Go rock 2018 buddy!

    1. Hi Engineering Dividends,

      Glad to see you here on Stockles. First, I checked out your blog and it´s amazing. It´s almost surreal how many engineers we have in our dividend community. Suppose it has something with numbers and a liking for simplicity.

      Yeah, bold move, but actually, because of my purchases a few days ago, I´m now at $2040. I might have to move the bar even furthur!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Stockles,

    Are you kidding me? These results are unbelievable. The growth rate and the capital injected during the year. Great stuff. You have set the table for an amazing 2018. Hopefully it exceeds your expectations and there are some nice dividend surprises in there that make your chart grow even more 🙂


  2. Congrats on a great YTY increase! 🙂

    I totally agree with you regarding dividend carpet bombing. Owning Norwegian stocks can be somewhat dull during Q3 – Q1. I’ve started looking more to other countries within the EEA for companies that pays out dividends on a quarterly basis. Hopefully I can find some good candidates that suits the tax exemption model we have with the EEA.

    Btw: Happy new year!
    The Beta Post recently posted…Dividend report December 2017My Profile

    1. Hi The Beta Post,

      Thanks buddy! Yeah, most americans can´t really understand the problem, but for us, who have tried it and fail, dividend carpet bombing becomes so powerful.

      Looking forward to talking to you more The Beta Post, we have a lot in common and I really like your site!

      Happy New Year!

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