What Would You Do If Money Were No Object ?

Here at Stockles, we often talk about stocks, money and personal finance, but that’s not the true purpose of the blog. Many bloggers talk about financial independence so that we quit our jobs and retiree early. What then? Are you going to wake up each morning and figure out what to do each and every single day? What a nightmare!

We often like to talk about freedom, as if we are prisoners. Jean-Jacues Rousseau defined the birth of civilizations as the moment when humans started setting up fences. Got that? What this means is that our civilisation is a product of unfreedom or lack of freedom. And we need it. We need to have a certain amount of stability. Patterns. Daily routines. So, maybe you should stop thinking about being free in the sence of having no obligations, but rather becoming free from whats keeping you from being you.

Watch this profound video and think about your life.

What would you do if money were no object?

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    1. Hi Tom,

      Sometimes it’s important to think about why we choose to spend so much time thinking about money. It’s just a tool, so we need to know what we are going to do with this tool. I like that saying. Short but true. Hard to live by though.

    1. Hi DividendNose,

      So glad that you say that. I know I can be a bit “to profound” sometimes, and people seem to like short, easy and simple. But I think that’s wrong, and we should spend some time thinking about the big picture.

      Thanks for the link. I’ve checked it and really liked it too. I started subscribing to him/her.

      Talk to you later!

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