Dividend Income Update March 2018

It’s time for the dividend income update. March was another solid month with 3 digit income from high quality companies.


  • Dividend Income $302 or 2,366 NOK
  • Dividend Income increased 410%
  • 6 companies sent a check
  • Portfolio Action: Bought more Dominion Energy, Bought more Enbrigde

March was another great month with ludicrous dividend income growth. But note that the increase is mainly from injected capital, not pure dividend growth. As of 2018, Nordea increased its dividend by 20% paying me $31 more. Novo Nordisk’s dividend is variable, but increased by $12. Realty Income Group increased by 0.23% in march paying me $1 more, but also increased by 3.1% in january paying me $7 more. Cisco increased by 14% paying me $3 more. Dominion increased by 8.4% and now pays $4 more. Kimberly-Clark up by 3.1% now paying $1 more.


Dividends Recieved

The following companies sent me a check:

  • Nordea $227
  • Realty Income Group $20
  • Dominion Energy $12
  • Novo $30
  • Pandora $6.8
  • Exxon $12

I’ve done some changes to the Dividend Income Spreadsheet and the Portfolio Spreadsheet which I hope you enjoy. I find it fun to always upgrade and find ways to measure the progress.

Recent Action

  • Added more to Dominion which now weights 6% in my portfolio.
  • Added more to Enbrigde which now weights 5% in my portfolio.

Another great month. Forward Dividend Income is $3000 and 1-year dividend CAGR is 7.8% and 5-year is close to 9%. I’m going to buy Medtronic pretty soon, and that company is a crazy dividend CAGR machine. Should increase both CAGR closer to 10% and 15%.I recently published the Stockles Risk Rating which you can read here

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  1. You are killing it this year so far! Not only have you been increasing by over 100%, you do it 4 times over. Awesome job! Also like the D buy. I picked up a little more myself as you know. Keep it up. This is going to be a great year for you my friend.

    1. Hi Dividend Dze,

      Hehe, I don’t know what to say. But yeah, the snowball is rolling fast. The case for Dominion is a bit more complex now, but I still think the long-term case is solid. Nice yield and growth too! =)
      Stockles recently posted…Watchlist April 2018My Profile

  2. Great Job! – no doubt about it!! – Injected capital or not, a yoy growth rate of 410% is awesome and shows how powerful the combination of saving, investing and pure dividend growth really is…

    Is Nordea a fund? ETF?

    Like your new additions. Utilities have come down sharply and are attractively valued in my opinion. Names like Dominion, Duke Energy, Consolidated Edison, Red Electrica, EON or Southern Company are on my radar.

    Keep it up!!

    1. Ahh thanks for those nice words =)

      Nah, it’s a nordic bank. You can read more about it in the TOP NORDIC COMPANIES II which you can find in the sidebar.

      True, utilites are fairly priced now and by the looks of it, they outperform the S&P500 when the market goes down. Of the one you mentioned, I would buy D, DUK and SO. Should also take a look at NEE (great for Total Return)
      Stockles recently posted…Watchlist April 2018My Profile

    1. Glad to be a fellow shareholder with you!:) Hopefully yes, but while the dividend community often talk about the same stocks, I always try (it’s hard!) to stay objective. We are all very biased towards “timeless” companies such as JNJ. The classic bear and bull game (find 5 bull&bear case) helps a lot. Anyhow, the safety of margin is rather big on Enbridgde, so let’s wait and see.

    1. Hi Engineering dividends,

      Thank you so much! This year is for sure special. The only thing i’m contemplating is if I should (somehow) include the dividends I get from my index-funds. Those are directly invested into the indexes again, but dividend income is dividend income. How do you do it?


      1. I agree, it’s all dividend income. Thus, I don’t mind seeing the index fund dividends as well. I do own index funds, but they are in separate accounts which I don’t include as part of my dividend Portfolio.
        I’m sure you’ll do what’s works best… and I’ll be following along no matter what you decide. Keep the updates coming!
        Engineering Dividends recently posted…Recent Transactions (Stock Swap!)My Profile

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