August 2018 Dividend Income Update

It’s time for the monthly dividend income update. As always, you can check the updated info any time on the Dividend Income Spreadsheet and the Portfolio Spreadsheet. Summary: Dividend Income for August 2018: $164 Year to Year growth for July: 15% Total YTY growth: 82.78% Entered the green area ($2000) on the dividend meter Said no to Read more…

December 2017 Dividend Income Update & Dividend Forecast for 2018

2017 will soon be in the books, and what a year it’s been. Financially, I’ve added more than $10,000 to the portfolio and $3,000 to the funds portfolio. The dividend income has risen from $336 to $1,117 which means a 232.44 % YTY growth. But my forecast for 2018 is even more motivating. Before we go ahead and look at the dividend forecast for 2018, let’s take a look at this months Dividend Income Update. (more…)

November 2017 Dividend Income Update

Welcome, The Dividend Income Report for November is finished, so lét´s go ahead and take a look:

  • Total Dividend Income for November: §110.00 or 915.30 NOK
  • Last year: $16
  • Dividend Income VS Total Spending: 11.44%
  • Payment from 9 companies
  • Total Dividend Income is close to $1,100
  • Total dividend income from 2016: 226.13%


Summer 2017 Dividend Income Update

Before we dig into the Dividend Income Summer Update, I want to talk a bit about how my summer has been. The summer of 2017 has been wonderful. On Saturday I turned 25 years old. I celebrated my day by doing a 15-hour hike with my family in the Norwegian fjords. My dog at 11 was struggling a bit because of the previous hikes this week, but as always, he managed.  (more…)

Stock Analysis: H&M [Sold]


H&M is one of the most known retailers in the world. The combination of quality and cheap has been a success for a long time for the Swedish worldwide retailer. However, like most retailers, H&M is struggling. In the US, that’s mostly due to increased competition from Amazon, but is that also the case for H&M? I doubt it. Let me just quickly explain why. (more…)

May 2017 Dividend Income Update


  • Dividends received: 12
  • Dividend Income for May 2017 landed on $322.76 or 2,735 NOK
  • Last year I got $215 in May, so the income stream from May is now 50% higher.
  • The dividend income was enough to pay for my whole gym membership twice, enough to cover my yearly phone bill two times or enough to cover 80% of the food budget for the month.
  • Or even better, the dividend income for May was enough to pay for 35 super expensive, cold and fresh beers. If I wanted to, I could actually party for free every Friday throughout the whole month of May!


Recent Stock Purchases: Compass Minerals & ACT Nordic

We are already in the middle of April and I can see spring is slowly coming. Even though the temperature is around 6 Celsius, the sun is shining. Summer is not that far away anymore.

It’s not that easy finding stocks that trade at an undervalued or fair price these days. At least not if one only looks at S&P 500. Luckily, I’m Norwegian so my periscopes are not just set on the US. It’s set on the globe, and we have some great companies here in the Nordic countries too. (more…)

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