How I’m Building a Portfolio from Scratch

This blog post is about how I’m building a dividend growth portfolio from scratch. Last year I found out that my grandmother, who is now more than 90 years, has been quite the investor.  She bought a Norwegian active fund (DNB Norge) following the Norwegian market decades ago,  and never sold off a bit. The total return in the investment was more than 400% during two to three decades. First I thought, Holy shit! That’s awesome! (more…)

Recent Stock Purchases: Compass Minerals & ACT Nordic

We are already in the middle of April and I can see spring is slowly coming. Even though the temperature is around 6 Celsius, the sun is shining. Summer is not that far away anymore.

It’s not that easy finding stocks that trade at an undervalued or fair price these days. At least not if one only looks at S&P 500. Luckily, I’m Norwegian so my periscopes are not just set on the US. It’s set on the globe, and we have some great companies here in the Nordic countries too. (more…)

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