What’s the point of having money if you’re not using it to increase your happiness or help others?

This page is dedicated to travelling. To encourage you to explore the world and to overcome all of your mental blockages which unables you to do the same.

Once you realize that the world is quite small, surprisingly affordable and that most people are friendly, you’ll be able to finally realise those dreams you gave up on. Now is the time to become a better version of you. A version who is in charge of his/her own happiness.

I truly believe that it’s a far better choice to create memories while accumulating cash than to solely focus on maximizing wealth. Every $ I spent on adventures has been worth it even though the journey takes longer.

I want you see the world as I see it, as a superfun place were you can create an unlimited amount of memories and the distance is small. All it takes is a small flight and it does not cost much either.

Make smart chocies, and you can travel for months even if you don’t have much money. I’ll show you how.

How to travel on a bugdet?
How to travel alone?
Can you be a backpacker?
Which countries should you visit?
Where should you go?

Countries I’ve Been To

Here you will get tips and trick on where to go and what to do for the following countries

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, USA, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysa, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea

Countries I’ve lived In

Here you will get inside tips and tricks which you can’t even find in travel books.

Norway, Sweden, Japan, Vietnam and Australia

How To Travel The World On A Bugdet

During 2015 – 2016 I travelled alone for a whole year, visited 25 countries and had an average daily budget of around $25. I even stayed in Vietnam for one and a half month for free. I did this by spending money on activites and saving money on transportion and accomodation.


The first time I travelled in Europe I did it with a Interrail card. You pay a set amount for a time period and then you can travel with trains around Europe as much as you want.

Problem? This cheap ticket only counts for regular (local) trains and they are far slower than the high speed trains. Most people can’t afford to spend 18 hours to go from Paris to Barcelona. Hence, you end up paying for a high speed traing and the total sum becomes quite expensive.

I recommend flying (faster) or taking busses (cheaper and more flexible)

How to find the cheapest flights?

Great websites are

The best thing about travelling with busses is that you can postpone ordering tickets and just show up at the bus station. At least I find this freedom very relaxing.


Great websites are

If you travel alone and want to meet people, you should choose Hostels.

I recommend finding clean hostels that rank high on social atmosphere.

Which kind of people stays at Hostels?

The most common people who I find are in the age group of about 20 – 35 years with a higher education, most commonly software engineers.

Most backpackers are not losers. Most people are smart, resourceful and very interested in meeting others with similar interests.

The general rule – If I want to be alone, I book a room or a bed at a big hostel. They are normally very comfortable, super cheap, but not so social. Also better for more travellers. If I want to meet people, I book a rom in a social hostel and just smile to people and say hi. That always work.

How To Explore A New Country?

Whenever I go to a new country, I try to see if they offer free walking tours which is a wonderful way to learn about the city without spending much money.

I recommend using https://www.neweuropetours.eu/

Home of the famous FREE Tour, we work with over 450 superb local guides in 20 of the world’s best cities to bring you incredible walking tours, pub crawls and other unmissable experiences! The local expert guides perform the FREE Tour on a tips-only basis, requiring them to provide nothing but the best tour every time, and ensuring that you have an unforgettable experience.

The second tip is to go to tripadvisor and search top things do to in this city. It’s an easy way to get a grasp of what the city has to offer. Please be advised though, some people rate a few hikes as extremely though. Take that with a pinch of salt.

Country Spesific Tips


Malaysia is a wonderful country which is worth a stop if you find yourself between Thailand and Singapore. Kuala Lumpur gets a lot of attention, but I recommend heading to Melaka and Georgetown which is a beautiful UNESCO site. Here you should check out the street paintings and The Dutch Quarter.


I truly love Indonesia. I even have a tattoo on my leg from one of my vulcan hikes. Most likely, if you’re headed to Bali, you will arrive at Denpasar airport and then go to Kuta. Just be warned. Kuta has been ranked on of the most annoying places on earth so just get your ass out of this place soon as possible.

You should take a 40/50 minutes buss ride and head straight to Ubud. A lovely place worth exploring for at least 4 days.

Other places worth going to is Nusa Lembongan, Nusa penida Mount Batur. Once you are done with the Bali area head west to Java. Go to Yogakarta, Mount Ijen and Mount Bromo.


Japan is my favourite country and Tokyo is my favourite city. Everything you’ve heard about this country is true. It’s awesome and you need to visit this country before it changes for good.


The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is by far one of my favourite citites. The food and atmosphere, along with crazy cheap food is a winning strategy. Very close to Lisbon you can go to a very pretty village called Ericeira which holds the world record for the largest surfed wave. Highly recommend spending a few days there!




Vietnam has a special place in my hearth. This country is getting more and more popular and I highly recommend visiting it before it becomes Thailand 2. If you land in Hanoi you’ve done a good job. There are many places to visit around Hanoy. Those include the rice field city Sapa, the river at Ning Bing and the famous Halong Bay. Afterwards I recommend heading south to Danang and Hoi An.