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August 2017 Dividend Income Update

Summary: Number of dividend income bills paid by companies: 13 Dividend Income landed on $155 or 1,200 NOK   August 2017 is history, and I have received the following dividends in August: Stocks Dividends SBUX $7.50 HCP $47.58 HCN $5.36 NOVO B $18.17 PNDORA $6.48 O $9.15 OHI $33.85 SKT $17.77 Read more…

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Summer 2017 Dividend Income Update

Before we dig into the Dividend Income Summer Update, I want to talk a bit about how my summer has been. The summer of 2017 has been wonderful. On Saturday I turned 25 years old. I celebrated my day by doing a 15-hour hike with my family in the Norwegian fjords. My dog at 11 was struggling a bit because of the previous hikes this week, but as always, he managed.  (more…)