Why I Sold Target (TGT)

Selling stocks isn´t something I want to do often, but let´s just make it simple: If you need money, sell. I purchased Target around $53 and sold yesterday at $59. Total profit was only 5%. I never intended this investment to be a buy-and-hold-forever kind of thing. However, owning a stock for only 188 days is short. I admit that. (more…)

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September 2017 Dividend Income Update

Summary Dividends received: 4 Dividend Income in September 2017 landed:  258 NOK or $33.61 Almost $300 LESS than the total dividend income from September 2016! No reinvestments Sold Telenor with a 40% total return Hello everyone, once again it’s time for one of my favourite posts, namely the monthly Dividend Income Read more…