10 Nordic Companies Worth Knowing About – Part 1

10 Nordic Companies Worth Knowing About – Part 1

My first Seeking Alpha article is up, super excited about this,  and its about the Nordic markets. I know that many of you have missed information about Nordic stocks and the Nordic market, so this is an attempt to fix that.

Excerpt From The Article:

“As the S&P 500 continues to go upwards without any hesitation, prices and valuation metrics have increased dramatically in recent years. Investors are waiting for a correction where prices revert back to the mean, but the market does not seem to care. While the Nordic market isn’t cheap by any measure, it’s not as expensive.”

Find the full article here:

10 Nordic Companies Worth Knowing About

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7 Replies to “10 Nordic Companies Worth Knowing About – Part 1”

  1. Hey Stockles,

    tx for sharing your list of nordic stocks. – always good to get information from someone with insight and who is living there. – I think that diversification is very important when building a dividend growth portfolio. Not just with different industries but with different countries and currencies too. I own shares of NovoNordisk, but this won’t be my last stock from the nordic region.

    By the way: what do you think of MarineHarvest? Very high dividend yield with 8,7% which raises red flags, but the business model seems good.


    1. Hi DividendSolutions,

      Glad to know that you liked the article, and also that you own Novo. I do too. The position is around 4.7% of my portfolio, and I don’t see myself selling now.

      About Marine Harvest:
      The demand has been high in both 2016 and 2017, and salmon prices has been abnormaly high with 80 NOK per kg. There is a HUGE Red and that is that seafood companies haven’t cut their costs, so expect Q4 to be bad. 50 NOK per kg is way more healthy for the whole sector, so I’m waiting. Don’t think it’s smart to buy now, but you now, this isn’t any recommention. But I’m not buying 🙂

  2. And there you were- your Nordic article just popped up in my feed on LinkedIn because you mention Vestas.

    Quite cool – gave me a smile. And you got a like.

    Just wanted to share with you.

    And great article by the way.


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