It’s time for the monthly watchlist report. As always, you can check the updated info any time at the Dividend Income Spreadsheet and the Portfolio Spreadsheet.


  • Few stocks look interesting right now, but there are still some attractive candidates
  • Analyzed the past “watchlist recommendations”
  • Asked my twitter followers to give me their Top 3 candidates
  • BMW, Abbvie, Philip Morris, and Illinois Tools look like the best value for me.

Living While Saving

Before we move on the watchlist, I include the Living While Saving part which I always include in my dividend income reports. Scroll down if you don’t find this interesting.

I just landed in Norway after living in Tokyo for a while. I was planning to stay a little longer, but due to pressing family matters, I had to return earlier. Unfortunately, that also meant that I had to say no to working for Blackrock in Tokyo this time. Family first.

(From Stockles personal Instagram Account)

Reviewing Previous Watchlists

Let’s start by looking at the past “recommendations 7 watchlist candidates”


  • PG at $78 (now $82.33)
  • Home Depot at $174 (now $195)
  • Enbridge 40 CAD (now 47 CAD)
  • Oaktree Capital at $39 (now $42)
  • Hormel at $33 (now $36)
  • Kimberly-Clark $100 (now $108) (only mentioned)
  • Medtronic at $78 (now $90) (only mentioned)
  • Omnicom at $72 (now $67) (only mentioned)
  • Starbucks at $57 (now $52) (only mentioned)
  • Nordea at 86 SEK (now 95 SEK) (only mentioned)
  • Veidekke at 87 NOK (now 77 NOK) (only mentioned)
  • Kopparbergs at 195 SEK (now 244 SEK) (only mentioned)

For April, all of the top 5 recommendations returned positive numbers. The majority of the other stocks returned positive numbers, while Veidekke and Starbucks being the worst performers.


  • Kimberly-Clark $98 (now $108)
  • Altria at 57$ (now $59)
  • Philip Morris at $83 (now $86)

All stocks returned positive numbers


  • Investor AB 356 SEK (Now around 377 SEK)
  • Latour at 94 SEK (now 99 SEK)
  • Industrivaerden at 170 SEK (now 184 SEK)
  • Enbridge 42 CAD (now 47 CAD)
  • Starbucks at $57 (now $52)
  • Oaktree Capital at $40 (now $42)
  • Intrum at 201 SEK (now 230 SEK)

The majority of the top recommendations returned positive numbers. Starbucks was once again the worst stock.


Most stocks returned positive numbers. While I don’t believe that I can time the market, it’s somewhat nice to see that my inception of “fair value” isn’t totally off the books, so far.

Watchlist August 2018

I reached out to my followers on Twitter and asked the following

Writing my monthly watchlist right now and interested in knowing what stocks YOU are watching right now. Name your top 3 candidates and I might even include them (with credit to you ofc) if I agree  

I took some of the stocks which I could find in the Borsdata universe that my followers suggested and did some fast research by creating 4 different lists focusing on Valuation, Debt, Growth and Free Cash Flow + TA

I am using Borsdata to create and gather the data for this list. Go check them out:




Free Cash Flow and TA

Takeaway so far

From the list above, I find Vitrolife, Veidekke, Starbucks, Pareto Bank, Ocean Yield, Nolato, Apple, Maersk, and Google the most interesting.

Credit to Lundaluppen, Gottodix, and Eric Landis. A lot of great suggestions by everyone though!

Further research needs to be done, but interesting to see what people are looking at.

Some of you recommended Investor.

During July, I bought shares in Investor and Kinnevik for 50,000 NOK. I like to buy Investor when the discount is close to 28% to NAV.

Top Candidates


BMW is my top choice this month. The whole sector is pricing BMW among others as if Tesla will own everything.

I don’t think that’s the case, and BMW along with its intangible assets and great history should do fine IMO.

ITW Illinois Tools

ITW just increased their dividend by 28% showing great faith in the future. The price area $144 – $145 is interesting.

Philip Morris

A great stock in many ways which fits my portfolio perfectly. I would want to add asap because I think the stock will only increase from now.


Everybody knows Abbvie so no need to talk more about it. Just look at the data and the TA. I think it’s time to pick up this great company.

What’s your opinion? Which stock do you find the most interesting and why? Please share and remember to subscribe

Take care,



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DivvyDad · August 7, 2018 at 11:21 pm

Pretty nice list, with the only one that hasn’t been on my radar being BMW. Interesting to see the different recommendations and your quick analysis on them. Thanks for sharing!

Dividend Daze · August 9, 2018 at 1:19 pm

Looks like your watch list and recommendations have been on point for the most part all year. Obviously I am a fan of ABBV. Started and added to my position this year about 4 times already. There has been a little bit of volatility with the stock so the swings have been a little greater than average. Makes for good opportunities to average down. I like ITW as well even though I don’t own them at this time.

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