The Best DGI Companies – Look At These If You Want To Build A High Quality DGI Portfolio

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Investing in high-quality companies is key for any long-term investor.

You want to invest in firms with solid business models, predicable cash flow, low debt ratios and trustworthy management.

But where can you find such firms? Is there a list?

Yes, there is and I’ve even created a list with automatic stock price movements. 

Here’s the list

Just click on – > Scroll down to Investment Tools and click on either list.





And you also get the same list with the Dividend Aristocrats as well.

Focusing on the right companies has never been easier. I advise you to only look at this firms, not everything else, when trying to find suitable candidates for your portfolio.

Buy quality and hold. 



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August · August 23, 2019 at 4:43 pm

I think maybe Microsoft, Nasdaq Inc should be included? 🙂

Also, did you know that McDonalds is almost more a property company than a restaurant chain?

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