Posts & Goals

Posts & Goals

The goal for this blog is to show you how to save money, become more frugal and how to achieve Financial Independence through Dividend Growth Investment. You can find my portfolio Here  aswell as all of the blog post Here

My Goal is to become Financially Independent before 2040.  I do this by investing in high quality companies where the dividend is safe and growing, so that my dividend income becomes larger and larger.  I use several tools for finding high quality companies, but one of my best tools are my watchlists:

Portfolio Goal

  • At one point, I want my Portfolio to be worth 12 500 000 NOK or $1 564 906 (2017/08/11).
  • The total dividend income should be 625 000 NOK or $78245 (2017/08/11)
Part goal worthNOKUSD
Goal 1100,000 kr$12,526
Goal 2200,000 kr$24,504
Goal 3300,000 kr$47,500
Goal 4500,000 kr$53,144
Goal 5750,000 kr$93,948
Goal 61,000,000 kr$125,265
Goal 72,000,000 kr$250,529
Goal 85,000,000 kr$626,323
Goal 97,500,000 kr$939,485
Goal 1010,000,000 kr$1,252,646
Goal 1112,500,000 kr$1,565,808


Annual Income goal

Annual Income goalNOKUSD
Goal 18,500 kr$1,064.75
Goal 215,000 kr$1,878.97
Goal 330,000 kr$3,757.94
Goal 450,000 kr$6,263.23
Goal 5100,000 kr$12,526.46
Goal 6200,000 kr$25,052.92
Goal 7250,000 kr$31,316.16
Goal 8300,000 kr$37,579.39
Goal 9400,000 kr$50,105.85
Goal 10500,000 kr$62,632.31
Goal 11625,000 kr$78,290.39