Getting several income streams is a proven way to become very wealthy. Here at Stockles, I want to help you so that you can increase your income, improve your financial and become less worried about money. I´ve tried many different side hustles, some with high success, some not. As time passes, I shall include more and more hustles to this list. Together, we shall find alternative income sources so that you can be loaded and richer than ever before. Let´s do this! If you have any tips or want to write a guest post about a side hustle, don´t hesitate! Comment or send me an email asap.

  • Hustle 1: Starting a blog  ($0-10 000 000: Advertising, sponsored post, affiliate programs and much more)
  • Hustle 2: Upwork ($18+/hour, freelance work)
  • Hustle 3: Targetwriters ($10+/hour, freelance)
  • Hustle 4: Adtraction ($0 – $1000, the most reliable affiliate network in the market [norwegian])
  • Hustle 5: Adtraction ($0 – $1000, the most reliable affiliate network in the market [swedish])
  • Hustle 6: Bluehost ($65 per referral)
  • Hustle 7: Mystery Shopping ($X )
  • Hustle 8: Ebates (Get Cash-back for every purchase. Join and get $10 for free)
  • Hustle 9: Swagbucks (Get paid for watching funny cat videos)