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September 2018 Watchlist

It’s time for the monthly watchlist report. As always, you can check the updated info any time on the Dividend Income Spreadsheet and the Portfolio Spreadsheet. Here’s my current portfolio. All data on Nordic companies are gathered from I highly recommend them.  Summary The following watchlist contains my comments about the value Read more…

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April 2018 Watchlist

Volatility is back and that’s good. Finally, we get some action! Still, the future returns from stocks as an asset isn’t that great and it’s understandable that some people go for bonds or other “safe” assets. However, with my time horizon, I can’t afford to try to time the market Read more…

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December 2017 Dividend Income Update & Dividend Forecast for 2018

2017 will soon be in the books, and what a year it’s been. Financially, I’ve added more than $10,000 to the portfolio and $3,000 to the funds portfolio. The dividend income has risen from $336 to $1,117 which means a 232.44 % YTY growth. But my forecast for 2018 is even more motivating. Before we go ahead and look at the dividend forecast for 2018, let’s take a look at this months Dividend Income Update. (more…)